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What is a LinkedIn Newsletter?

In addition to the actual LinkedIn posts, there are also articles. However, these usually have a poor reach and are therefore not necessarily popular. With the new newsletter feature, LinkedIn is trying to place the article format a bit more prominently again.

What are the benefits of a LinkedIn newsletter?

A LinkedIn Newsletter is an ordinary LinkedIn article. By placing it prominently and publishing it regularly, you can greatly increase your reach. 

So the benefits are:

How can I publish a LinkedIn newsletter?

Even though the format has been around for a few months now, LinkedIn is very selective about releasing the feature. Thus, newsletter authors have to be selected and enabled by the LinkedIn team themselves. Unfortunately, there is currently no other option than to wait and continue to produce good content.

By the way, you can find the official help article from LinkedIn here

Top 5 LinkedIn newsletters (by subscribers)

Currently, just over 1,300 LinkedIn users have the opportunity to publish a newsletter. Here you can find the most successful international newsletters according to the number of subscribers. The data was collected on december 2020.

947.134 ​subscribers

The blog of Bill Gates

907.262 subscribers

Daniel Goleman shares matters close to his heart, stimulating ideas, and some useful tips and leads.

611.023 subscribers

A newsletter focused on helping you land your next job.

392.075 subscribers​

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are arguably the most transformative technologies available to mankind today.

336.624 subscribers

The most important artificial intelligence and machine learning news and articles

International: Top 10 LinkedIn Newsletters (by edition)

True, VIPs like Bill Gates attract large numbers of subscribers even without many issues. Other authors are all the more diligent for it. Here you can see the newsletters with the most issues. The first place goes to Germany!

379 editions

Die neuesten Entwicklungen aus Hightech- und Medienwelt, Meinungen, Hintergründe & Gedanken rund um die IT- und Internet

340 editions

The very latest insights, news, and reflections on the world of SaaS and Cloud

268 editions

Stimulating the Renaissance Mind through Art

290 editions

Helping the best companies hire and retain the best people.

281 editions

Empowering people to grow successfully with purpose and metrics

Overview: 2,000 LinkedIn newsletters

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